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Services Offered

I offer a variety holistic services including but not limited to , Energy and Plant healing. Using techniques to help unblock and move your energy throughout your body to promote self healing. 

I am a certified Master Herbalist, Reiki Master and Fower essence intuitive, using the earth as my most sacred tool.  Having experienced my own healing and breakthroughs with these powerful modalities I am excited for you to begin your journey. 

Energy Healing 

Energy healing helps shift our awareness, removes blockages and aligns our energies to a state of homeostasis

Energy Healing with Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that helps move your enery, relasing unwanted patterns and blockages within. 


30 mins - $65

45 mins - $80

60 mins - $120

Energy Healing with Chakra Balancing

Chakras are the energy centers of our bodies. Using Reiki and crystals we will work to align your energies focusing on the 7 main chakras.


30 mins: $70

45 mins: $90

60 mins: $130

Cord Cutting with Energy Healing

Cords are ties that bind us in past lives or current lives with other energy bodies. Using several tecniques we will break those ties to assit your spirit in letting go



30 mins: $50

Longer sessions are available upon request at additonal pricing.

Herbal Education and Immersion Programs

Our Herbal educational programs provide an experienced base foundation rooted in culitvating a lasting relationship with plants and the Earth. 

Classes and Immersion programs are scheduled on an ongoing basis. Please visit our events page often for up to date information

Pricing:Varies based on length of class or event

Spiritual Plant healing 

Plant healing is a life long journey thats strenghtens our connection to source and the land. Our plant healing services are focused on creating greater awareness and relationships with those plants. 

Inutitive Flower Essence Reading 

I will scan your energetic body and give you suggestions for Flower essences that will best support your healing journey.

30 mins: $40

Inutitive Flower Essence Reading with Energy Healing

I will scan your energetic body and give you suggestions for Flower essences that  will best support your healing journey. This service also includes a enegery healing using the flower essence 

30 Mins: $70

45 mins: $90

60 mins: $130

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