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What is Flower Essence

A flower essence is the energy of the flower captured in water that helps shift our emotional and spiritual state.

Each flower has its own unique energetics that work within our own unique energetics. The essence can be ingested sublingual, sprayed around your person or applied topically to your pressure points.

Forsythia - Helps to open us up spiritually, brings joy and sense of freedom and helps with transformation.

Wild Rose – Helps us move past the feeling of apathy. Work to help spark joy.

Feverfew – Helps cut through agitation and release deep seeded angst, despair and worry. Also help release nervous energy.

Yarrow – Helps protect us from outside negative energies. It allows us to resonate on a white light frequency and heals wounds around our edges to create better boundaries.

Lilac – Brings in laughter, eases painful memories, rejuvenates. Also helps those who burden themselves to accept help.

Comfrey – Creates a sense of solace for your soul. Heals past, present trauma and transends our understanding of time.

Marshmallow – Used to bring in openness and warmth. Helps when you feel lonely and cut off from insecurity or fear.

Violet – Opens a space of deep self-acceptance, contentment, and individual wellbeing. Calming, steadying, and maternal, this unassuming,

Dandelion - Is very grounding and energizing. It helps you feel strong, courageous and present in your body. It brings your awareness back to here and now and allows you to be in the moment.

Honeysuckle – Promotes mindfulness and encourages us to live in the present and to leave regret behind.

Clover – Cleanses and protect our spirit from negative energy when we want a more balanced and deeper spectrum of consciousness.

Elderflower – Stimulates, vigor, energy, brings in light and helps us renew.

Lavender – Helps stop repetitive thinking and distracted mind. Promotes better meditation and sleep.

Tulsi – Helps balance our spirit bringing illumination, clarity, and harmony. Helps to open our Heart and brow chakras

Self Heal – Helps to align all the chakras, enhances download frequencies from spirit and diminishes foggy headedness.

Queens Anne Lace – Helps us explore our sensual and intuitive side. It resembles a full moon experience helping us develop deeper intuitive understanding.

Echinacea – Helps us in transition to our new awakened self.

Lemon Balm - Aids us in letting go. Holds the intention of survival and renewal. Brings back balance and helps heal trauma

Bee Balm – Helps us find joy and gives us something to look forward to. Very energizing.

Mullien – Invites us to use the strength of the sun to find courage and joy through difficult times.

Elecampane – Helps us indentify more deeply with newly discovered power and beauty in ourselves. Helps balance and integrate new spiritual experiences.

Mugwort – Helps carry the energy of magic and protection. Moves stuck energies and releases negative patterns.

Jewelweed – Helps move stuck enegy and moves us forward by learning to trust ourselves.

Brown Eyed Susan – Helps us release old habits and emotions. It works with our shadowself and brings light to the darkest areas. Gives us courage to release what has been trapped.

Hyssop – Helps release trauma at the cellular level. Helps us bring back joy and removes self-limiting fear.

Goldenrod – Directs us back to a place of wholeness and stability. Brings calmness and helps us on our path to being our authentic self.

Calendula – Helps us fill holes in our energetic field. Grounds us when we feel uneasy or not safe.

Patchouli – Helps us to be here now and reminds us to come back into our bodies when we a re stuck in our head. Allows us to move past replaying past events and worry about the future.

Hibiscus – Helps redirect us into deeper relationships with ourselves and cleanses us from past relationship issues. Balances sexual energies.

Chamomile – Helps when we feel extremely sensitive or hyperactive to our surroundings, touch or energies. Helpful with nervous tensions that shows itself via our skin and peripheral nervous system.

Evening Primrose – Helps us look at, acknowledge and bring love to the parts of you that you keep hidden from fear or grief. She gently guides us to show our beauty.

Sage – Helps us choose a sage direction in life even in the dark. It contains the body wisdom of the earth and master of the 4 directions. Healer of opposites.

Pussy willow – Awakens inner fires of inspiration.

Olive - Rejuvenation of life force; energetic depth and longevity; sense of wellbeing; ability to cultivate the conditions for deep rest and renewal.

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